Saturday, July 4, 2009


Greek Summer Giveaway...

Seven ( 7) winners are each going to receive four gifts, totally FREE!!!

Summer in Greece is associated with fun and relaxation… So we, at the Etsy Greek Street Team, couldn’t resist a great summer giveaway!!!

Throughout the months of July and August, 22 of our members are offering you the opportunity to win one of the 4 free gift packages, simply by making a purchase from their Etsy shops!
It’s really that simple!
Visit the participating shops through their links, found below, make a purchase of 10$ or more (excluding shipping costs) from one or more shops and enter the draw to take place on September 2, for the seven free gift packages that we offer!!!!!

Yes, that’s right!
Seven ( 7) winners are each going to receive four gifts, totally FREE!!!

Buy one item, and you could be one of the 7 people who will win 4 more!!!
If a buyer completes more than 1 transaction, from the same or a different shop, he or she is entitled to more than 1 entry for the final draw!

Which means, if you buy 2 times, you double your chances of winning, and so on and so forth. Isn't that awesome?

Be sure, at checkout, to leave message to seller: GREEK SUMMER GIVEAWAY.

Also, the banner, the avatar and the announcement of the participating shops should feature the phrase ‘Greek Summer Giveaway’.

Take a look to the beautiful gifts we are offering and be sure to visit the participating shops

1. from FLORENTINES - Leather Flip Flops / Custom made
2. from MATTAK - Handmade pendant / Silver & Bronze
3. from PLAIN BANANAS - Leg bracelet / beads, shells, charms
4. from THEPRINCESSNEXTDOOR - Papier Mache earrings


5. from TRISEVYENI - Copper earrings / Goldfilled earwires
6. from NAZOZUBUS - Handmade Rose Brooch
7. from KARMOLOGYCLINIC - Colorful Summer handbag
8. from AMORONIA- Alice in Wonderland – Rabbit / Paper Mache Brooch

9 . from NAFSIKA - Ethnic style sterling silver earrings
10. from ARTISTICO - You are always here / Limited Edition - Print - size A4
11. from MOONSTONEJEWEL - Necklace Antique Golden Butterfly
12. from ONSTAGE69 - Summer fun shell bracelet


13. from EVRYDIKI - Sterling Silver earrings / pearl, amethyst, red coral
14. from HEARTSHAPEDCREATIONS - Polar Bear / polymer clay 1,4” in height
15. from SIVYLLA - Dreamy Flip Flops / Custom made
16. from LACRAVATTENDUCHIEN - Multi strand necklace


17. from THEPRINCESSNEXTDOOR - Papier Mache bracelet
18. from AMORONIA - Alice in Wonderland – Mad Hatter / Paper Mache Brooch
19. from ARTISTICO - Only Time / Limited Edition - Print - size A4
20. from NERAIDODHMIOURGIES - Blue Love – Key chain


21. from VANTIDESIGNS - Felt Necklace / wool, beads, ribbons
22. from ANTIGONI - I like to rock… / Sterling silver earrings, Swarovski, lucite
23. from ONSTEGE69 - Lambwork Lady Bug
24. from ARTISTICO - U2 / Limited Edition - Print - size A4


25. from ANTIGONI - Flower bracelet / Sterling Silver, Natural flower, gemstone
26. from CREATIONSBYEVE - Lipstick case
27. from POLINDIM - Adjustable ring / polymer clay, robbon, tulle, button
28. from AEGEANSEA - Six handmade batic gigt cards / Blank

The names of the seven winners will be posted on the Greek Team’s blog September 3, and at the same time, the 7 lucky ones will be notified both via an Etsy conversation and an email.

Your free gifts will not be sent simultaneously but separately, from each of the shops that are offering them.

Due to the fact that the lucky winners could be away on holiday at the time of the draw, shipping will commence once they reply to the messages they receive, and let us know that they have returned.

This way, we will make sure that you are going to receive your packages safely.

The Greek Summer Giveaway is calling you...

Our shops have wonderful and unique creations to offer you.
If you do win a free gift package, you will receive your gifts absolutely for FREE!!!!
If you don’t, rest assured that you have made a very good purchase from a super Greek shop
Get to know us and… you could be a winner, too!!!
Leave us your comment or your question, we'll be happy to answer you...:)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Trading with other etsy artists is FUN!
With trades you get to know other artists, improve your feedback and get items you like without having to pay :)

For the ones who haven't trade yet here is how you do it:
1)Find a trade friendly shop ,choose what you like and convo the seller.
2)If the seller likes something from your shop (it has to be at the same price with your choice including shipping)he will convo you back.
3)Once you both agree for the trade , you purchase the items but you don't proceed to the payment.
4)Both shops send their items.
5)Both shops leave feedback to each other once they receive their items.

What are u waiting for???START TRADING IT'S FUN!!!

NOTE There are many who trade and turned out well (Including me )BUT there is no protection for trades! Trades are based on trust alone. Don't trade with someone you don't feel comfortable trading.

Here are some beautiful trade friendly Etsy shops:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My new site!!!

I 'm making a new site where you can find all the details for my products!!!
Start exploring!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

April's competition from Poppicrafts - My entry!

Poppicrafts , a great UK online supplier, is having a competition for April !
If you want to take part too see the details here
So here is my entry!

This a brooch made with 5mm ribbons. To make it I used some strong glue to make colourful scrolls with ribbons.After they were dry I glued them together and then I attached the safety pin :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flower power

My favorite supplier made a spring competition.
The subject was Flowers!I send a project and yesterday I have been informed that I won! This was a great surprise for me!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Politeness is the key...

I'm writing this as a buyer and not as a seller...

I have been buying from e-shops for many years and I have found out that politeness is what makes me choose a seller.

A month ago I wanted to start making the famous glass tile pendants that many etsy shops sell. There are thousands of suppliers for glass and scrabble tile pendants at etsy and I had to choose one.Not knowing how to make those pendants I contact some sellers asking for instructions. The 90% of the sellers answered me with something like ''With your purchase I will send you some free instructions'' or ''With only 3$ I 'll send you the instructions''... Only one of the sellers had send me the instructions for free without making a purchase and he added ''if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.'' So this is how I chose the seller .The e-mail he wrote to me gave him a 250$ order!

This is an example of how been polite can bring sales to you . You can't make an alchemy request and never respond at the ones trying to help you! BECAUSE SELLERS ARE BUYERS TOO, AND THEY WILL NEVER BUY FROM YOU!You can't ignore someone who is asking you information about your product , or someone asking advices from you.

Don't keep the knowledge to yourselves! Spread it around to other people , sellers or buyers , and you will find out that POLITENESS IS THE KEY TO SELL ONLINE!

Here are some etsy sellers that no matter how much they sell they took the time to help me with an e-mail or just with a simple answer to a question...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

...about buying cheap craft supplies in europe.

I have been buying craft supplies for over 8 years. And I know is hard to find e-shops that sell good quality supplies in low prices. So here is a list with the best e-shops with craft supplies that I have found all these years searching.

OK , you all know and there are great suppliers there for all kinds of crafts!

If you are looking for scrap booking supplies, I have found this beautiful site that has hundreds of ribbons , buttons , papers , brads and other cute things at really LOW prices!

For scrap booking you can also take a look at

Now for beads and jewellery my favorite site with a great variety of beads, findings and charms is . This e-shop has super fast delivery and free shipping for orders over 25 euros!

An other jewellery making supplier is but you will have to wait an e-mail from them to know the shipping cost.

Art clay is a new easy way to make fine silver jewels, you can find supplies and information for art clay crafts here

If you are into painting you can take a look at this site

I hope that was helpful for all of you who spend hours searching for e-shops with low prices and good quality!